We are Devlett.

In 2012, what feels like decades ago,  started out our journey on ROBLOX – a gaming platform that millions of people play each day. We founded our first collaboration group called Vector4 Productions. Over the course of a year we built, designed, marketed, and sold some games to other ROBLOX players – but that was just the start of our journey.

Since 2012, we have discovered a lot about ourselves and the communities around us. From streaming live on Twitch.tv for a while to managing online communities, to even creating new technology on the ROBLOX platform that is still being used today. We’ve come together to bring you the tools and the platform you need to get your next internet success off the ground and running – and we plan on accomplishing just that.

Devlett.com is a brand new kind of developer platform. When done, it’s primary focus is going to be used to connect thinkers and do’ers, engineers and designers, and even innovators and entrepreneurs working with programming languages. Anyone will be able to create a project and collaborate with others, as well as ask questions on anything from software development to even a business or marketing aspect – and get answers from anyone else on the platform.

Not only that, but everyone will be able to interact and share ideas with everyone else on the platform.  Here you’ll have access to the developer community like never before. We combine the top development resources across the internet into one useful tool for developers, engineers, creators, thinkers, designers, and innovators.

Right now, Devlett is under development and isn’t exactly open for everyone to enjoy. We will however, be opening it to everyone to enjoy in our Beta stages!  We will also be looking for developers, designers, and others to join our team to improve Devlett even more. Keep an eye out on our blog, as well as our release notes, so you can stay on top of our development process!

Current Projects

We are actively working on Devlett 1 – a new social networking platform connecting innovators and thinkers alike. Keep up on our development process by creating an account! Visit the Devlett.com link on the left hand side and stay up to date with the latest features!

Career Opportunities

Open Positions